Pricing and Quotes

We do not include pricing on this website because each wedding is unique and one of a kind, not to mention that flower prices can fluctuate at various times of the year. We can provide you with a fully detailed quote after our professional consultation, which is available by appointment only (see “Scheduling a Consultation“). We do have a wedding calculator spreadsheet that will help you determine a flower budget…feel free to download it for your personal use. It is available as an Excel spreadsheet, which will make instant calculations for you on the fly, or as a pdf file, in which all calculations will have to be done manually.

Excel File: HOF Wedding Calculator
PDF File: HOF Wedding Calculator

We will give you the best possible price from the very beginning, but we’ll also help you find creative ways to cut costs should our quote come in higher than your budget allows.  The prices given in our quote are not negotiable without substitutions being made, but rest assured, you will receive only top quality products, flowers, and services from us.  We will not compromise our services below the standards we have established for our business.

All wedding contracts are due to be paid in full at least three weeks prior to your wedding date.  This allows us to order flowers in advance at a better price and to pass those savings on to you which will be reflected in your wedding quote.  If the balance is not paid by the three week deadline, an additional 20% of the total will be added to the balance.

In regards to your wedding date, if your wedding falls on a Sunday or during any major holiday, we reserve the right to charge an additional 25% of the total wedding price.