Reception Info

Flowers for your Reception

All too often, brides think about flowers for the ceremony and the wedding party, but neglect to consider the reception. Think about it…where will you and your guests spend the most time on your wedding day? The reception! Don’t overlook this celebration, as it is just as important as the ceremony itself.

Every wedding reception is different. Some Southern brides have small gatherings with only cake and punch, while others plan a gala event with a full meal, a bar, a DJ, and other festivities. No matter what size reception you are planning, give some thought to the decorations that will set the celebratory mood.


The Bride’s Cake and the Food Tables

The flowers used on the cake are generally designed and placed by the caterer. Years ago, the florist did indeed make the cake decorations in coordination with the caterer, but that was a difficult task at best. These days, the caterer will handle cake flowers completely, but it is strongly suggested that the bride order loose flowers that will coordinate with the rest of the wedding flowers for the caterer to use. The florist can deliver them to the reception venue along with the other decorations, or arrangements can be made to have the flowers delivered to the caterer leading up to the wedding day.

One cost saving tip…use the bride’s bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets as decorations on the food tables. If you are using hand tied bouquets, the florist will deliver them to the ceremony venue in a vase of water. Have the bridesmaids carry their vases with them to the reception. There, they can places their flowers back into the vases with water all along the tables, getting an extra use out of their bouquets.

Guest Tables

If you are having tables for your guests, a centerpiece of fresh flowers will add beauty to the celebration. It can be a small bud vase of flowers used in the wedding or a nice mixed bouquet of flowers. If you have chosen roses as one of your wedding flowers, you can sprinkle rose petals around the tables that will set a romantic mood.

Whatever your style and budget, the House of Flowers can work with you to make the reception just as memorable as the ceremony.