Choosing Colors

Quite often, prom goers visit our shop ready to purchase their flowers, but they get hung up on choosing their colors.  Here’s a few helpful hints:

  • Bring your dress or a cutting from the hem so that we can see the colors.  Photos will suffice, but be aware that many times, the colors in photos are not a true representation of the actual colors. 
  • Don’t be fooled by thinking that everything must match in color.  That’s boring!  Mix it up…get funky!  Today’s most popular colors are bright and hot shades…lime green, hot pink, flaming orange…all great choices to add some pop to your attire.
  • Just because the guy is wearing a black tux (and 95% of the guys do) does not indicate that you need the color black in your flower. 
  • If your dress is a solid color, add another bold color to give some contrast.  Again, don’t go with all of the same shades or even stay in the same color palette…your prom is an exciting event…make your flowers exciting too!
  • Don’t worry about what color we choose to wrap the stems of your bouquet.  Think about it…any time you are using the bouquet, you have it in your hands and the wrap is covered up.  The only time the wrapping is visible is when the bouquet is in a vase of water or lying on a table.  We will choose an appropriate color to blend with the bouquet.

We are professionals at finding the perfect colors to accent your attire.  Trust us and don’t get hung up on little details…we will make your flower gorgeous just for your special evening.  We’ve been doing this for over 50 years and have never had one complaint yet!  In fact, we are the go to flower shop that fixes other local shops’ mistakes!