About Us

The Staff at the House of Flowers is the most trusted and experienced in the region and we are one of the oldest shops in the state under the same family ownership. Our owner, Steven Sorrell, is well known throughout the nation as a leader in small town floral shop management and was featured on the cover with an accompanying four page article in the Society of American Florists monthly magazine, Floral Management, in January 2011. Steven’s floral designs have also gained national attention, with floral designers across the country praising his work. In the last statewide design competition for the coveted Designer of the Year, Steven placed in the Top 3 on his very first ever entrance into the competition, scoring the highest among the competitors with his bridal bouquet design.

The House of Flowers was a participating member of the Alabama State Florist Association before the organization merged with the Tennessee Florist Association. Mr. Sorrell served on the Board of Directors during the ASFA’s last three years of existence. The staff continues to attend conventions and workshops that allow us to stay on top of floral trends and design techniques so that we can offer only the best in floral products and services.

In 2020, the rise of Covid-19 made Mr. Sorrell realize that a few changes were necessary in our business operations.  As he approached his 40th year in business, it was time to cut back slightly to allow him to continue to offer his talents and services to the Valley area.  Prior to the pandemic, he had worked 70-80 hours every week for over 3 decades.  Even though he is in great health, he knew that he could not keep that pace going as he approached his 60th birthday.  As a result, our hours have been cut slightly, allowing him a little more time away from the shop, which helps to keep the stresses of owning a business in today’s economic environment a little more manageable.

As we push through our 6th decade in business in Valley, AL, we promise…no other shop in our area can match our experience, our talent, or our service…guaranteed!