Scheduling a Consultation

Scheduling a face to face meeting to discuss all details of your wedding (flower choice, colors, foliage, etc) is the best way we can provide you with a detailed quote for your big day.   We can discuss alternatives with brides that are not local but will be getting married within our service area.  All local brides are required to schedule an appointment to meet with us before we can give an official quote.

Available hours for Consultation Appointments

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 10am through 2pm Eastern Time

Before contacting us, do you meet the following requirements?
1. Is your wedding date at least 4 weeks away?
2. Is your venue within our 30 mile service area?
3.  Have you previously checked on our availability for your wedding date?  If not, please go to this page before proceeding.

If the answer to all three questions is YES, we invite you to inquire about an appointment with us… call 334-756-7350 or fill out the request form below.

Please refer to the days and hours we are available for appointments above.

If we receive the request during business hours, you can expect a quick response.  If we receive your request after business hours, we will respond the next business morning.  Please monitor your email accordingly.  Submission of a request is NOT a guarantee that will can accept your desired meeting time…only after we confirm a date and time will we be able to meet with you.

Things to know about your consultation:

  • Prior to scheduling an appointment for a consultation, you must first have a date and venue chosen and your desired color scheme selected.
  • Typically, consultations last approximately thirty minutes to one hour – we go over everything in some detail, discussing flower varieties, color, style, and pricing. We suggest that you bring one or two people to help you make decisions. Many brides bring a Maid of Honor, their mother, or fiancé. Bringing more than two persons can create some confusion with too many opinions being offered. Keeping it somewhat small will allow the consultation to go much more smoothly and quickly.
  • If you have been collecting photos of ideas from magazines or sites online, it’s helpful for us to see those. Though we have a lot for you to look through at our shop, seeing what you’ve been daydreaming about really helps us see what you’re naturally inclined toward as far as styles, flower varieties, etc.  If you have a Pinterest profile, send us a link via email so that we can familiarize ourselves with what you are envisioning.  If you have saved photos on your computer, send us the most interesting ones that you would like us to see.  If you have magazines clips or other photos, bring them with you.
  • It is necessary to have a plan for your wedding flower budget. It is highly suggested that you share that budget with us from the very beginning so that we can keep you on track and within your budget. Our goal is to always work with our brides in making the best choices to accommodate any budget – as long as expectations are reasonable, we can make anything work! Please do not think that by knowing your budget beforehand that we will push it to its limits intentionally. In fact, most of our quotes are under the established budget of the bride. One recent wedding quote came in at 30% less than the bride had allowed in her budget. We will give you the best price for what you desire without sacrificing quality.
  • Please notify us if you will be late for your consultation appointment. We have reserved a time especially for you and we ask that you respect our time by being punctual. But, we do know that while traveling, things can happen that cause you to be late beyond your control…just call us and let us know so we won’t cancel the appointment! We also ask that you not arrive more than 5 minutes early without calling ahead to see if we can accommodate you at an earlier time. Most days we will be working on everyday flower orders up until your scheduled appointment time.  Please note that if you are 15 minutes or more late to your appointment and have not informed us, your appointment may be canceled and need to be rescheduled.