Choosing your Wedding Colors

All across the internet are websites filled with advice on choosing the colors for your wedding. Many of those sites suggest colors that fit the season or colors that reflect your personality. Some of the sites give sample color combinations, and in looking through some of them, it’s apparent that many are just out of touch with the trends in color and fashion.

The fact is…choose the colors that you like, no matter what the reason. If your favorite color is pink and you want to get married in October, go ahead and do it, even though many sites suggest using oranges, reds, and golds for a fall wedding. Your wedding is your big day, so choose something that you like that will make you happy.

Of course, you do have to take a few things into consideration when choosing a color: bridesmaids dresses, flowers, the venue, and invitations to name a few. Choosing a very odd color could become problematic when searching for dresses or flowers, for example.

From our standpoint at the House of Flowers, although flowers become available in more and more colors every year, there are some colors that are rather difficult to find in nature. However, we are professionals in finding things to coordinate in most any color palate. But we do advise that before you finalize your color choices, please seek the advice of your florist to ensure that they will be able to provide the look that you desire.

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