Does the HoF service weddings that will be held in areas other than Valley, Lanett, or West Point?

Sure!  We will deliver your wedding flowers to a number of surrounding areas for a nominal fee…Auburn, Opelika, Lagrange, Columbus, Phenix City…just to name a few.   We usually limit our service area to within 30 miles, give or take a few.

What does your average wedding cost?

There is no such thing as an “average” wedding!  This year alone we’ve done weddings that total under $100 and a few that have topped $3000.  Your wedding costs will be dependent on quite a number of factors, which will all be explored during our professional consultation, after which you will be given a detailed quote.  There is no fee for the consultation (we do have a fee for after hours meetings) nor the quote.

Does the HoF rent caldelabra equipment, linens, or tents?

No.  We concentrate solely on your flowers.  There are other local companies that can supply any of your rental needs.

When should I begin to plan my wedding with the HoF?

It’s never too soon to start!  Keep in mind, the larger and more elaborate your wedding is going to be, the more time we will need to adequately prepare for it.  However, we are professionals and are used to working under the gun, so to speak.  We can help you plan a small wedding in as little as a couple of weeks…just give us a call! Remember though, that the closer it gets to your wedding date, the likelihood of that date being available on our calendar could be somewhat slim. So plan early!

What is required to secure the services of the HoF for my wedding?

Once we have met with you for your consultation, you will be given a detailed wedding quote.  After you have read the quote and after any changes that you desire have been made, you must sign and date the quote…it then becomes our wedding contract.   We will officially become your flower vendor when the contract is returned to us along with a deposit of no less than $100.

Why is a contract necessary?

The Wedding Contract is designed to protect both the bride and the florist.  It gives you a fully detailed account of every item that is being purchased for your wedding.  If questions arise, the signed contract will give the answer.  With the contract, there will be no guessing as to what will be delivered on your wedding day.   Please…do not assume that we will be providing anything…if it’s not on the contract, we will not be providing it.

What are your payment terms?

You can pay on your wedding balance at your convenience, however payment in full is due no later than three weeks prior to the event and may be made with cash, credit/debit card, check or certified check.  In the event final payment is not made before the three week deadline, a 20% late fee of the entire wedding contract will be assessed.

Does the HoF deliver my flowers, or can we pick them up?

If you have contracted us to provide a full wedding package (bridal flowers, bridesmaids, venue decorations, and/or reception), we strongly suggest delivery in our vehicles to insure proper handling and transport. Delivery is free to most local venues within the Valley area, and a small delivery fee will be assessed for areas outside of Valley, Lanett, or West Point.
If you order limited florals (bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere only, for example), you may choose to have your order delivered (our local delivery fee will be assessed) or picked up.  Either choice will be available during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Eastern).  We suggest storing your flowers in a refrigerator to keep them fresh until the wedding.

Can I make changes even after I’ve signed the contract?

Certainly…within reason.  We know that things will change along the way and some changes might be needed.  We will work with you and will remain flexible until your wedding day, however, extreme last minute changes cannot be guaranteed due to flower availability.

Does the HoF offer wedding package deals?

In the past we have, but over the span of several years we only sold one pre-designed package, so we no longer offer them.  We’ve found that even the smallest of weddings require a certain amount of customization, and as such, we can no longer offer any pre-designed packages.  However, please understand…we can work with most any budget.