Rose Color Meanings

Curious what the different colors of roses mean?  Here’s a handy chart of the most popular colors…

Red – Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect

White – Purity, Youthfulness, Innocence

Yellow – Friendship, Joy, Welcome Back

Dark Pink – Appreciation, Grace, Perfect Happiness

Light Pink – Sympathy, Admiration, Sweetness

Orange – Desire, Fascination, Enthusiasm

Lavender – Love at first sight, Enchantment

Peach – Appreciation, Gratitude

Red and White – when given together, signifies Unity

Keep in mind that every color has multiple meanings, but don’t get too caught up in the supposed meaning behind the colors.  If you send peach roses to someone that did something nice for you, don’t expect them to know that the color could stand for “appreciation”…most definitions of colors are not widely known.  You can bet though, that most everyone knows that red roses stands for “love”, and most understand that yellow roses are for “friendship”.  But again…don’t get caught up in the colors…if your wife loves yellow roses, by all means…send her yellow roses!  They don’t HAVE to stand for friendship.   Most people would like the beautiful colors more than their supposed traditional meaning.