Ordering Info

Because we want to provide you with the most personal service you can experience, we ask that you visit the shop personally to place prom orders.  You may call us if you wish to order basic prom designs in standard colors.
All prom orders are to be pre-paid at the time you place your order.
If possible, bring your dress or a sample of your color with you when you come to place your order.  If you will be sharing your color with us via a photo on your cell phone, please understand that photos from phones cannot be trusted to give the accurate color.
For best results, order two weeks before the prom date.
Depending on the volume of orders we receive, it is highly possible that we will be unable to accept any additional orders within 2 days before the prom…so again…ORDER EARLY!
For more information, call us…334-756-7350.
We are located on Hwy 29 in Valley…across the street from Foster’s Used Cars…just a few blocks south of WalMart.