Cemetery Silks

The House of Flowers keeps an impressive variety of seasonal cemetery silks available in the shop for your convenience.  We do NOT deliver to local cemeteries except under either of one of the following two conditions:

1.  We have provided cemetery deliveries for you in the past and are aware of the location of the graves where you would like flowers to be placed.

2.  For new cemetery deliveries (those whom we have not serviced previously), we can arrange to meet you or a local family member at the cemetery at a specified time and date.  We will assess the need for flowers (special measurements if a custom vase is on site) and map the location so we can make deliveries in the future.  After this meeting, we will be happy to provide deliveries to this cemetery for you with a minimum 2 day notice.

All cemetery delivery orders must be placed by phone…no online ordering is available.

Custom Cemetery Silks

If you have an urn or any other special vase built into your monument, we can custom design a silk arrangement to fit the vessel perfectly.  We will need to EXACT diameter of the opening, or we strongly suggest the following method to ensure a proper fit:

Take a blank piece of paper, place it over the vessel.  While holding the paper in place, run your hand/fingers around the rim of the opening, making an impression of the hole on the paper.  Bring to to us so we can see the exact size.

Custom orders require a minimum 2 day notice and will likely be extended during holiday times (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day).

Annual Placement Service

We also provide an annual service for those that would like to place flowers in the cemetery at regular intervals throughout the year.  By ordering this service and paying for a year in advance, we will extend a discount, which will save you money compared to purchasing each flower individually.  We have several options available:

Twice a Year Plan:  Flowers will be placed twice a year on the dates of your choice.  Popular choices are May (Spring) and December (holidays, red and white flowers).

  • Plan Cost: $90.00  (savings of 10%)

Three times a Year:  Flowers will be placed three times a year…generally in April for Spring, September for Fall, and December for Winter.

  • Plan Cost:  $127.50  (savings of 15%)

Four times a Year:  Flowers will be placed four times a year…March, June, September, and December, for each season.

  • Plan Cost:  $160.00 (savings of 20%)

We will deliver a silk cemetery flower type to meet your needs, ie: a standard cemetery pot, a vase/cone, a monument saddle, or a custom size urn. Each flower will have a minimum $50 value.  For standard pots, a one time charge of an additional $6.95 will be needed to purchase a wire pot holder, if you do not currently have one on site.

Please note that the plan costs include ONE silk flower.  If your headstone has two urns or vases, then two flowers will be needed, thus doubling the price of the plan.

Benefits for all plans:

  • No delivery charge, saving an additional $5-12 each delivery
  • Photos will be taken and emailed or texted to you each time, so you are assured you are receiving high quality and beautiful flowers as requested
  • Never forget…beautiful flowers will be placed throughout the year automatically for you.


to arrange for our Annual Placement Service