Nephthytis Plant Care

There are several species of Nephthytis (a member of the arum family – Syngonium podophyllum). However, the climbing, creeping, green and variegated species all require the same care. Nephthytis enjoys a warm humid environment. Keep Nephthytis (Arrowhead plant) moderately moist but do not let it dry out between waterings. Mist with tepid water once in a while or place in a bathroom or kitchen. If you have hard water you may need to mist with distilled water. Watered practices remain constant year round. Fertilize Nephthytis every two weeks with a well balance liquid fertilizer every two weeks. Nephthytis do well in med light to low light levels.

Nephthytis Plant Care Maintenance

Since many of the species of Nephthytis climb or creep long branches will occur. Pruning the long branches will encourage fullness in the plant. This can be accomplished by cut the plant above a leaf section. Pruning should be done on an as needed basis. Plants should be checked occasionally for signs of scale insects.