Employment Information

Current Position Available:  Part Time Driver/Floral Assistant

This position will be available beginning Monday, June 3, 2019

Job Duties Include:

  • First priority, always and forever…flower delivery into the entire Valley area (Valley, Lanett, West Point, Beulah, Huguley, Cusseta, Fredonia, the Backwater area, and all other outlying areas)
  • Processing fresh flowers and plants upon arrival (cutting and cleaning flower stems, placing in buckets of water, etc)
  • Keeping all buckets and storage vases sanitized and clean
  • Cleaning the workroom and sales floor, including but not limited to sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, washing windows, etc.
  • Keeping vases, containers, and everyday supplies stocked and assisting in tracking inventory of such
  • Routine errands: paying bills, picking up office supplies, filling van with gas, etc.
  • Develop deeper understanding of local map layout, ie: finding addresses easily from address only without relying on GPS or map
  • Create relationships with frequent receivers of deliveries: funeral homes, offices, etc.
  • Learn names of flowers and foliage that are kept in stock daily
  • Provide design prep work

Possible Future Goals

  • Learn basic floral design: basic arrangements, silk cemetery designs, bows, bud vases
  • Learn to use the POS and begin taking orders over the phone and from walk in customers
  • Assist in creating our daily flower and supplies order
  • Manage shop in owner’s absence for a short duration (1 hour or so)
  • Continue learning a broader range of floral design
  • Begin to learn basic sympathy design
  • Manage shop for longer periods of time…half days, Saturdays, etc
  • Design simple flower designs without supervision, instruction, or feedback
  • Other duties to be determined as deemed necessary and fitting to the position

This is a part time position only.  No benefits will be included with employment.  Pay will begin at $9 per hour and will be given weekly.

Hours will vary daily…schedule can be quite flexible.  Generally, employee will work mid morning through mid afternoon, Monday through Friday.  Tuesdays are heavier days, requiring more hours, possibly working until later in the afternoon.   Work on Saturday is rare…less than 6 Saturdays per year, until such time that employee displays the ability to manage the shop alone, after which periodic Saturday work will be requested (Saturday hours are 9am – Noon).   Total hours worked per week will likely not exceed 25 hours, except during major holidays like Valentines Day and Mothers Day.

A strong sense of direction, the ability to read maps (specifically Google Maps), the use of a GPS (preferably via smart phone), and the ability to understand verbal driving directions easily is a must for this position.   Knowing most local landmarks and major employers’ locations is a plus.   Employee must have a valid driver’s license with a clean record.  Employee will be required to drive our shop delivery vehicle, currently a Kia Sedona mini-van.

This position will require the employee to be the face of our business as deliveries are made.  As such, proper attire is required (will be discussed at interview if called).  A good speaking voice and a professional and courteous tone is required when communicating with the public.

If interested in applying for this position, please fill out the following application.  Feel free to send a resume also if you have one prepared (the online application will still be required!).
Send Resume via email (don’t forget to attach the resume to the email!)

Feel free to view our Employee Handbook, if interested.

We will call you if interested in meeting with you for a personal interview.