Special Designs

A “Special Design” as a sympathy tribute is a great way to remember the deceased, but representing something the loved…their favorite football team, musical instrument, or even their dedication to their job.
We can make a variety of designs to resemble objects, letters, or logos.  We do not attempt to make designs that replicate the likeness of animals or living things.
Special designs require plenty of advanced notice, as each design requires a large number of blooms to produce…more than what we normally have in stock on a daily basis…additionally, each design can take up to four or five hours to create, depending on the details of the design.
Special designs begin at $200 minimum.
Below is a sampling of our special design work.



Personalized Casket Sprays
We can add items of a personal nature into the casket spray to represent the individual.  All items must be brought to the HoF and we will determine if any item can be used.  Some items may need to be altered to allow for securing into the design.