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Popular Wedding Months

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a trend growing.  Brides are now electing to have their wedding in the Early Spring or Late Fall…the most popular months for weddings now are March and October.  For years…decades even…June was the go to month for weddings.  But, with another popular trend, outdoor weddings, that represent over 75% of our recent weddings, we assume that brides are staying away from those hottest summer months and extreme temperatures.  As a result, many brides are surprised when they inquire about a wedding date that has already been booked, as they wouldn’t believe that March has become such a popular wedding month.  For 2018, our shop has three large weddings over three consecutive weekends, and two of those were booked months in advance.  Now, with March availability being extremely limited, it is important to note that if you are looking ahead to an October wedding, we would assume the same will happen…those weekends will book well ahead of time.  Please don’t hesitate to plan…call for a consultation and reserve your date!

For more information about planning your wedding, please refer to our very comprehensive online guide…available right here on our website.