Caring for your Grinch Tree

First, this is not a “tree” per se…you cannot plant it. There are no roots. This design is made of cuttings from a Leyland Cypress tree…so just like a fresh cut Christmas tree, it’s a one time use, then you’ll need to dispose of the remains after it dies off.  But, if you keep water in the container, this little tree can last you all winter!

The design is fresh cut clippings pushed into a block of Oasis floral foam. In order for the tree to stay nice and fresh, the oasis foam needs to be kept moist. It will retain moisture for several days at a time, of course depending on the atmosphere inside the location where is it kept. If you keep it in your home and the weather outside is cold and your heat runs often, you’ll likely need to add water more often than if it is warmer and more humid. But as a general rule, once a week should suffice.