Caring for your Grinch Tree

If you have one of our very popular Grinch Trees, watch this short informative video on how to care for it.

For those that do not want to watch a video…here are the notes you need to care for it:

First, this is not a “tree” per se…you cannot plant it. There are no roots. This design is made of cuttings from a Leyland Cypress tree…so just like your fresh cut Christmas tree, it’s a one time use, then you’ll need to dispose of the remains after it dies off.  But, if you keep water in the container, this little tree can last you a good four weeks or more!

The design is fresh cut clippings pushed into a block of Oasis floral foam. In order for the tree to stay nice and fresh, the oasis foam needs to be kept moist. It will retain moisture for several days at a time, of course depending on the atmosphere inside the location where is it kept. If you keep it in your home and the weather outside is cold and your heat runs often, you’ll likely need to add water more often than if it is warmer and more humid. But as a general rule, add water every three to five days.

At the base of every tree, I have placed a few pinecones. One of those pinecones is hiding a bare spot that will give you easy access to add water into the reservoir. Gently pull on one pinecone…if you notice a bare spot, pull it out entirely. If not…push it back in then try another pinecone. Once you have found the watering access point, add water by pouring slowly into the container, watching carefully. As the water nears the top, stop. Wait a few moments for the foam to soak up the water, then add more if needed. Once the water level remains near the top of the container, replace the pinecone. Repeat every 3 to 5 days.

Your Grinch tree will come with a few decorative foliages (eucalyptus, etc) and berries around the base. These products will not last the entire duration of the life of the tree…in fact, they will begin to turn color and dry up within a week to 10 days. Simply pull those items out, leaving the Grinch tree to remain beautiful for you for many more days or weeks!