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Caring for your Dr Seuss Tree

If you’ve received one of our popular Dr Seuss Trees, or as some call them, our Whoville Tree…congratulations! You’ve received a most popular and unique gift! Below are some tips on how to prolong the life of this “tree”, keeping it fresh throughout the Holiday season.

First, this is not a “tree” per se…you cannot plant it. There are no roots. This design is made of cuttings from a Leyland Cypress tree…so just like your fresh Christmas tree, it’s a one time use, then you’ll need to dispose of the remains after it dies off.  But, if you keep water in the container, this little tree can last you a good four weeks or more!

The design is fresh cut clippings pushed into a block of Oasis floral foam. In order for the tree to stay nice and fresh, the oasis foam needs to be kept moist. It will retain moisture for several days at a time, of course depending on the atmosphere inside the location where is it kept. If you keep it in your home and the weather outside is cold and your heat runs often, you’ll likely need to add water more often than if it is warmer and more humid. But as a general rule, add water every three to five days.

Take your tree to your kitchen sink. Tilt it slightly to one side, then run water directly into the tree, allowing water to flow into the container and saturate the foam. See photo below. Allow it to overflow, then tip it again slightly to allow excess to flow off the top. Stand upright and dry container off with a paper towel, then place back where you keep it for another two or three days…then repeat! And just like a fresh Christmas tree, misting it with water won’t hurt either. The more moisture it gets, the longer it will continue to stay a nice bright green!

As the greens begin to die, they will become brittle…but due to the manner in which the foliage is bound and wrapped with wire, you won’t see much of a mess at all. In fact, you might be tempted to keep your Suess Tree for quite a few days after the holidays have passed.

Some of our tree designs come with fresh flowers or berries nestled around the bottom. Those will certainly die well before the tree itself will…simply pull them out as they wilt or turn black, and you’ll still have a unique tree to enjoy.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and we also hope you have a very Merry Christmas!