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A note about prom bouquets and searching for them on the internet…

I have an urgent message going out to all local high school girls that are looking through photos on Pinterest and other online sources for inspiration for their prom bouquets…

Please be aware that most of the photos that you are seeing when you do a search for “prom bouquets” are not prom bouquets at all…they are bridal bouquets.  For whatever reason, Pinterest is not picking up on the word “PROM” and are returning too many results that are wedding bouquets.

Now…why is this an issue?  The last dozen or so teens that have come in the shop with a picture of a bouquet that they have chosen and have their heart set on have actually done just that…picked out a bridal bouquet, and as a result, the price tag is MUCH higher than your standard prom budget.  I’m talking $150 minimum.  Then comes the inevitable question…”Can you do something similar for $50?”  My most honest answer is, No…I cannot.  Bridal bouquets are typically filled with some of the most expensive flowers one can buy…garden roses, peonies, and other higher end flowers.  In my opinion, changing those flowers to another variety changes the entire look of the bouquet.  What I CAN DO is make a nice prom bouquet in the appropriate colors that fits the average prom budget.  Now, don’t get me wrong…if you would like a $150-$200 prom bouquet…I’m your man!  But, if you want that I will have to have your order a minimum of two weeks prior to your prom, as those higher end flowers do require a more advanced notice.

To illustrate my point, the picture above was shown to me when I did a search for “prom bouquets”….but yep, it is a bridal bouquet.  It is filled with David Austin garden roses, peonies, dahlias, roses, and other flowers and would most definitely cost upwards of $200.  Again…not a problem if you have a high budget for prom flowers, but most high school students nor their parents want to spend that much for a prom flower.

So please…PLEASE…if you use Pinterest, make sure you are viewing pics of PROM BOUQUETS, not wedding or bridal bouquets.  You can find an entire Pinterest Board of pins showcasing Prom Bouquets and corsages on my Pinterest profile: or you can view my photos of prom flowers on my website at  or better yet…come by the flower shop and talk to me personally.  I’ve been doing this for 39 years now…no one in this area has my experience!  I’ve made over 3000 prom flowers in my career.

And my last request…please remember to ORDER EARLY!  We’re already taking orders for proms in May, so come on in and place your order soon!