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A Few Notes about Prom Season

Prom Season officially begins in March and will last for 4 to 6 weeks.  We will receive dozens upon dozens of orders in March through April.  Here are a few observations and suggestions I can offer to make your prom experience, at least in regards to flowers, a little less stressful.

1.  Order early.  If you pay attention to our Facebook page, you know that this is my mantra for most every major holiday and event.  You cannot early too early.  However, on the flip side, you can indeed wait until it’s too late.  Why, you might ask?  After all, it’s just one floral design…

It is true…your order is just one design.  But it’s the fact that we’ll have a hundred or more to make for one weekend, and we just can’t over commit ourselves without sacrificing our attention to quality.  We do have our limits.

We are one of the most sought out floral designers for prom flowers in the region.  Our work is different.  It’s fresh and current…sometimes even cutting edge if that’s what you seek.  As a result, we do reach a point when we know that we can no longer promise that we will have ample time to devote to any last minute orders.  As a general rule, our prom deadline is three days prior to the event.  However, in the event that we have two major proms on the same weekend we will have to decline orders even earlier than usual.  So order early!

2.  Moms…don’t over think it.  We have met with dozens of girls and their dates, and they are quite simple…they just want a beautiful flower that blends well with their attire.  That’s pretty much their only requirement.  However, many times the mothers of the students get bogged down into wanting to pick out every single detail, almost to the point that we begin to lose creative control over the design  Please, take our advice…leave flower selection and design to us.  I’ve been making great prom flowers since 1984.  I’ll do you right…just tell me what style of flower you want (corsage or bouquet) and the color of the dress and we’ll do the rest!

4.  Using Pinterest.  We certainly don’t mind when you come in with a photo of a design that you’d like for us to replicate, but be aware….the majority of the photos folks are finding on Pinterest are bridal bouquets, not prom flowers.  One young lady just had her heart set on one particular bouquet that she had seen…then she heard the price.  Bridal bouquets are generally $100 and more, and some of the pics girls have shown me this year might top out around $200.  And I’ll be honest…no, I cannot make a trimmed down or cheaper version that looks similar to a $200 bridal bouquet.   If you are viewing a photo that is filled with peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, calla lilies, or many other expensive varieties of flowers, you are likely looking at wedding photos instead of prom flowers, no matter what the internet says.

5.  Make a choice.  For girls, we offer a hand bouquet or a wrist corsage….two choices.  It is helpful if you know what you’d like prior to coming to the shop to place an order.  It is your choice to make, and even if you don’t have a care in the world, it is still YOUR choice.  Trust me…this is not the hardest choice you’ll ever make.  You’ll be faced with many more pressing decisions soon in your life…so get used to making a choice, even if it doesn’t matter that much to you.

6.  Flowers do not have to be a perfect match to your dress.  We BLEND colors.  You can choose to stay in the same color family…for example, if your dress is burgundy, you can choose to have flowers in the light to dark pink family.  Or, you can make it pop by choosing bright yellows, hot pink, and lime green…which would also look great with your dress!  Mix it up…have some fun!

It’s interesting to note that compared to prices of flowers in 1984, prom designs have not increased dramatically.  In 1984, our average prom bouquet was $35.  Today, we still sell many for $35, and the average is $45.  That’s not too bad considering 33 years have passed!

Prom is an exciting event for students.  Don’t screw up your photos with ugly prom flowers.  Come to the best.  Come to the House of Flowers.  We’ve made over 5000 prom flowers in our history…add your name to our list of happy customers!